Sculpture is a medium nearly as old as man himself and for much of our time on this earth sculptures created in stone have given meaning and sustenance to our lives, creating a touch-stone for us with ourselves and the infinite.

I feel that sculpture deals with the ideas related to form and space and also with the nature of time itself and stones, in particular marble and granite best lend themselves to expressing timeless realities. The world of sculpture has undergone a huge metamorphosis in the last twenty years, which in a sense follows the trends of industrialization and mass production. Today the employing of artisans and technicians to realize the creation of sculpture is commonplace and while the artist creates a maquette, he has taken on a peripheral and secondary role. This important intimate and tactile contact that the sculptor once had with the stone is being lost today.

My sculptures are exclusively my creations and the planning, designing, carving and finishing are operations that I carry out myself. My aspirations are to create images that reveal Nature in all its beauty and complexity and as we come to understand Nature we can apprehend new dimensions in all aspects of our selves and our relation to the cosmos.

I wish to pursue the primal source of creative energy within myself- it is this transcendant link, so important and vital, which bridges the inner spiritual world with the world of outward appearances.